Enrico Sola

Web developer & designer

Turin, Italy

“ Coding is like poetry, is not a work but a way to express yourself. ”

  • 1993: Birth

  • 2009: Starting learning programming

  • 2011: First work experience

  • Today: Working for you

My potential

What I could do for you or for your company.

  • New ideas

    Since I was young I liked to use my fantasy to create new things. Now I use this skill to allow people reinvent and spread their ideas using the whole potential offered by the web.

  • Code

    I started loving web technologies since I started coding, I pass much time experimenting and learning more on new features to be able to create great projects.

  • Design

    I started my career as web developer, but I ever wanted to be independent, for this reason I started acquiring more knowledges about web design, to be able to design my projects by myself.

  • Anything else

    I'm a curious guy, for this reason I can't stop learning new things everyday, this peculiarity allows me to adapt myself to any kind of task, allowing me to grow up my knowledge.

My skills

What I learned in these years.

  • Programming
  • Design
  • System administration


See some samples on my GitHub.




See some samples on my GitHub.

SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite)

Apache Cassandra



Node.js + Express



How I met the programming

I started learning web programming by myself several years ago, I began with the simple HTML and then I gave a look at CSS. After that, I continued by reading online documentation for PHP and JavaScript, using mainly jQuery as framework. After acquired a good knowledge of these programming languages, and how to combine them using techniques like AJAX, I started moving my first steps with SQL, first with MySQL and then with MariaDB and SQLite.
Currently I started giving a look at Node.js and Swift, for iOS app development, and I started working with some NoSQL databases, such Apache Cassandra and MongoDB, in order to learn more about scalability and distributed systems.
I worked also with some ordinary programming languages: when I was to school I learned Java and a bit of C and C++, that I improved while working with Arduino in my spare time.

More skills

  • JSON
  • jQuery
  • XML
  • Arduino
  • Redis
  • Git
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing

Software that I love to use

  • Coda 2
  • PhpStorm
  • NetBeans
  • MAMP
  • Cyberduck
  • Firefox Developer Edition
  • Todoist
  • GitLab

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Web design

Typographic design


How I met the design

Since I started working with plain HTML I always though that the greatness of a website is not only depending by features: in fact, if a website has an ugly design it still remains an ugly website, no matter its features.
I think that the first factor which can be decisive in the look of a website is the font, a nice font can make the difference, this is the first step in my opinion.
I've started discovering fonts while working with HTML and CSS, then I learnt more about colors and spaces between items, such paddings and margins, and how to use the whole space offered by a web page optimizing the design according to the device, using responsive design in order to create a great user experience.

More skills

  • Laravel Mix
  • Sass
  • Bootstrap 4

Software that I love to use

  • Adobe Photoshop

Domain management (DNS, SSL, etc...)

Server configuration (Web server, SSH, FTP, etc...)

Ubuntu © Linux

macOS ©


Apache ©

How I met the system administration

After few time I started learning web programming I had the necessity of putting my works and my experiments online, initially I used a lot of free hostings and domain providers, such for example TK, then I decided to get some server just for me.
Currently I work mainly on VPS, I love Ubuntu Server and I try to use this operating system whenever I can, I'm used to deal with it using the terminal through SSH comfortably from my home.
I worked also with many other Linux distros, such Fedora, CentOS, Kali and Debian, while for developing I prefer to work on macOS.
In order to keep my websites online I started using Apache when I was at school but now I switched to NGINX, this because I think it is a faster, more secure and more scalable software.

Why choose me?

Let me show you some reasons about why you could be interested on me.

  • Always ready to learn

    Most of the things that now I know to do I learned it by myself, I’m a very curious person, in fact if there is something that I don’t know to do, I will be really happy to learn it!

  • Not afraid about challenges

    I like new challenges, sorting out problems is the why I love this job, for this reason working for your next project will be an opportunity for me to give vent to my creativity.

  • Passionate and curious

    I'm a perfectionist and I’m really proud of my work, in fact, I always try to do a perfect job, being careful to particulars, of course, without forgetting final goal and customer satisfaction.

  • Autonomous

    I worked mainly alone, so when there is a problem, I’m able to solve it autonomously, using online resources or my logic, no matter the problem, I will find a solution anyway.

Some more information about myself

Hey there! My name is Enrico Sola, I'm a young developer and designer living in Turin, Italy.
I have a great passion for my work, for this reason I can't stop from learning something new everyday, this curiosity helps me to provide better solutions and innovative ideas to my customers.
I'm a technology addicted guy, in fact, I can't live without an internet connection, I love passing my free time playing online games or cultivating some other interests: of course my major passions are programming and web design but I follow also other interests like photography, which sometimes I use in my work too, and music, not only listening but also playing, currently I'm trying to learn piano but I'm just at beginning.
I like also spending my free time learning something foreign languages, I can speak Italian and English but I'm currently learning also Russian and Japanese.
If you think that I'm the perfect guy from your business, feel free to contact me, or if you are just curious about my works don't forget to give a look to the other pages of this website, I'm sure that you will find something interesting to see!

Some information about this website

I created this website as a showcase on my own knowledges, skills and works, for this reason, I keep this website up to date, adding new contents and information periodically.
I designed and developped this website proudly without any sort of framework, such as Bootstrap, or CMS, such as Wordpress, or external libraries, then, all what you can see here, has been made by myself.
If you have some suggestions about design, features or contents or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me, I'm always ready for constructive talks and for idea exchange!

Spoken languages