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This is how I cultivated my passion for my current work.

How it began
How I started learning programming

Hi! My name is Enrico, I was born in a little city near Turin, in Italy. Since I was young I was very attracted by technology and electronic devices and I was also an enthusiast creator with a lot of fantasy. When I started the high school, I had my first programming experience, in my school we started studing a programming language with mathematics, Pascal, an old programming language used to learn low level programming for scientific purposes and applications.
After this first experience, I began learning more about development, so I started learning the basics of low level languages, like C/C++ and ASM, and then I moved into the high level programming, using Java with the object oriented paradigm. After learned the basics of programming, I dived into web development by learning how to create simple web pages and websites using HTML, after that I started using CSS to give a better look to these pages.
I created my first website when I was at the third high school year, to create it, I started giving a look to a server side programming language, PHP, the most diffused programming language for web development at the time.
My first creation was a simple blog, in order to make it working I combined together my basic knowledges of HTML, CSS and PHP. After that experience I saw that was necessary to add a better way to storing data, for this reason I began using SQL with MySQL, then I worked more on user experience by adding some interactive functionalities written using JavaScript and using jQuery as framework, this in order to ensure a better cross-browser compatibility.
When I finished my blog, I wanted to test my new skills by adding a tiny forum inside my website, of course, I wrote it from scratch in order to practice my new knowledges and skills.
These experiences helped me learning more about data management, users management, such as login and registration, and also a bit about data security, anyway, the design of my first creations was still very ugly, for this reason, I started to give a deeper look to CSS, fonts and more generically to web design.

High dive into the web development
Starting learning web languages and technologies

After finished the third school year, I made my first work experience as internship in a web agency near my hometown. I was very happy for this opportunity, also if the technologies used by this company were not the same technologies which I was used to work with, in fact, I was used to create websites using PHP for back end development, while in that company were mainly used C# and ASP with the .NET framework. After few days working there, I participated to one of the weekly meeting of the company, it was an interesting experience and also very useful for both, in fact, after learned more about their new marketing strategy, I passed the next days trying to help them in this new challenge.
I used my creativity to create a simple bot which helped them to generate some simple websites that were sold to little businesses, thanks to this software, written mainly in PHP, they were able to create the websites eight times faster, in this way the productivity of the company for these kind of tasks was hugely increased, in fact, when I shown mine application to the company's CEO, he was enthusiastic about this idea and thanks to this simple tool I earned a job, unfortunately, I had to refuse the offer due to the discordance of technologies used, in fact I prefered working with PHP as back end languages instead of using technologies provided by Microsoft.
Anyway this experience was very helpful for me because I learned a lot both about work and about company organization, I loved how was organized this place because it was more closer to a big family instead of a company and for this reason was very pleasant working there.
After returned to school I continued learning more about web technologies and I started also experimenting with HTML 5 features, that was a new thing at the time, unfortunately I realized that the school in which I was studying was not treating subjects in my interests, in fact, after few months I left that school and stopped studying in normal schools, by the way I continued studying web technologies by myself.
I started working in another web agency few weeks after leaving the school, this company was interesting but I did not like the technologies and methodologies used there, in fact, after my contract was expired, I left the place and I started working for my own as freelancer.

Current occupation and future ambitions
What I'm currently doing and what I would like to do in the future

After worked for more than three years as freelancer, I decided to return working as employee, now I started working for another web agency located in Turin, I chose to work there because I'm interested in learning more about the framework Laravel for PHP and how to work with the MVC pattern.
I'm really glad for this opportunity because this job allows me to learn a lot of new things related to web development, mainly in server side programming, so this allows me to grow up even more.
I continue every day learning more about new technologies and I keep constantly updated, I created also some projects by myself, some of them have been created while I was learning some new technology and have been released as open-souce projects and are available for download from GitHub, currently, in my spare time, I’m working on a distributed framework written in PHP7 and using Apache Cassandra as main database, this helped me to understand NoSQL systems and how to deal with huge amount of data.
In the future, I wish I could learn more about Node.js and MongoDB because they sound like very interesting technologies, in fact are growing up very quickly and for this reason I would like to work more with them. I would like also to dive into the mobile application development, mainly in iOS development, using Swift or maybe some cross platform engine, such as Apache Cordova or Ionic, being able to improve my knowledges about modern web development, APIs and microservices.

Spoken languages

Find out how we can communicate

I'm an Italian native speaker and I'm interested in foreign languages and cultures, I started learning Russian by myself some years ago because of my interest in its pronunciation, first using some online resources, then looking for foreign friends to talk with. After few time I began to be interested in Japanese, mainly because of its writing system, also in this case I'm using mainly online resources but I keep in touch with Japanese friends in order to be able to better understand their culture.
About English language, I keep improving it since I was at school, where I studied English and French as foreign languages, now I'm trying to get a strong knowledge of English because it is fundamental for my job.

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Questions and answers

Find out more about me, my interests and my vision

Find an answer to commonly asked questions in job interviews, hope that my answers will be enough for you to understand me and my personality, of course you are free to ask me anything you want in the contact page.
In this section you can find also some generic questions and answers about me out from the working context, about my interests, preferences, and much more, this can be helpful to understand me as a person instead of just as a worker.
Told this, you can pick the side you prefer, the formal side, for work related questions and information, or the informal side, for questions correlated to my private life, my preferences and my interests.

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Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Sure: enterprising, because I am not scared to dive myself into new challenges, ambitious, because I really want to grow up, curious, because I am always ready to learn new things.

What motivates you?

Innovation and interesting projects: I want to grow up with my work, so I like to work on fresh projects and new technologies.

What are your strengths?

I am really passionate to my profession and I have got a huge fantasy, so I am always ready to create new things or improving existing products with new stunning features.

What are your weaknesses?

I am not good dealing with details, of course I can do it, but sometimes I need too much time to achieve this, the second weakness is that I am addicted to music and coffee, so could be difficult for me work without them.

Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a team?

I am used to work alone but I think that be part of a team is great because if you are in trouble you can rely on your team mates, so I would like to work in team.

Would you like to work within the company or in remote?

Usually I prefer to work in remote, anyway, if I like the company I'm available to work within the office, this include relocation to another city or country.

Are you able to handle stress and pressure?

I'm used to deal with deadlines, sudden changes of the project, so I am able to work under pressure and handle stress.

What type of work environment do you prefer?

I like to work in young context, with a lot of fresh ideas, lot of motivation and with open minded people who are always ready to experiment something new.

What's your favourite colour?

I like multiple colours, as you can notice, blue is probably my favourite one, but I like also red, black and white.

What's your favourite kind of pets?

I really like cats, in fact I have got three cats in my house.

What do you do in your free time?

I spend a lot of time learning or creating personal projects, but I like also games, photography, make MEMEs and watch anime series.

What's your favourite kind of music?

I like multiple genres, usually I listen to Rock or Metal but I listen also to some electronic genres during work or online playing, such as Happy Hardcore (mainly Dj S3RL).

What's your favourite game?

I like mainly online games, usually I play to the old COD4, I like also playing to League Of Legends or other games on Steam such as Insurgency or MW3.

What's your favourite food?

My favourite foods are pizza, pasta and Lasagna, yeah, a pretty normal answer for an Italian person, isn't it?

Which is your zodiac sign?

I was born in September 1993, so I'm a virgin (occidental) and rooster (oriental), or if you follow the Japanese's blood type theory, I'm 0.

Where do you live and what's your nationality?

Currently I reside in a town near Turin, in Italy, about my nationality, I'm Italian, but I feel a cosmopolitan.


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