Working experiences and education


Where I studied and what I learned

Before improving my knowledge about web technologies, I studied programming in a technical institute in Italy, I started learning low level programming using C with some basic knowledges about ASM, then I moved to high level languages first with C++ and then I started studying object oriented programming with Java. After that I started learning web languages, I started with HTML and CSS and then I began studying JavaScript and PHP using MySQL as database. Finally, I got graduated in computer science at the Pininfarina institute in Moncalieri, near Turin, in Italy, anyway, before graduating, I done several work experiences, this helped me to better understand what I was studying to school with a pratical application.

Working experiences

See my working experiences and what technologies I worked with

Atlantic Moon srl.

I started working here after learning the MVC pattern with Laravel, here I work as back end developer using PHP working with Laravel and other custom software written in modern PHP 7.

PHPLaravel 5git

In this period I worked alone as full stack developer and designed, I worked with companies, freelancers and startups on different kind of projects.

Gip s.p.a.

This was my first real work experience as web developer, I worked both as font end and back end developer on different interesting projects.

Etinet Srl.

This was my first work experience, here I started learning more about web technologies.